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Full service

We carry out servicing to all makes and models of cars prices start at £155 for small engined cars and £165 for cars up to 2.3 litre 4 cylinder cars. We advise that you carry out a full service once a year and by doing this it can prolong the life of the car and will also reduce the possibility of the car breaking down. If your vehicle is fitted with a V6 engine or bigger please call or email us for a price, this also applies to small vans. We can also service new cars which are still in warranty simply by using  original main dealer parts.
All service prices are plus VAT.

The full service includes:

Petrol Engine.                                                                     
Diesel engine.
.Set of spark plugs                                                         .Engine oil
ngine oil                                                                       .Oil filter
il filter                                                                          .Air filter
filter                                                                          .1 lta screen wash
1 lta screen wash                                                           .Oil drain plug seal
il drain plug seal                                                        .Fuel filter
hrottle housing clean                                                .Fluids top up
luids top up                                                                 .Gearbox oil top up
earbox oil top up                                                       .Full underbonnet inspection
ull underbonnet inspection                                     .Full under vehicle inspection (wheels off)
.Full under vehicle inspection (wheels off)              . WASH LEATHER AND VACUUME FREE
WASH LEATHER AND VACUUME FREE                                  OF CHARGE.
                      OF CHARGE.                                                                     

Small service
We advise a small service to be carried out 6 months or half way between the annual full service this will help to prolong the life of the car and also reduce the risk of the car breaking down. Prices for small services start at £95 for small engined cars and for larger engined cars up to 2.3 litre 4 cylinder £105. For vehicles with V6 engines and up please call for a quote, this also applys to small vans. All prices are plus VAT.

Petrol/Diesel Engines
.Engine oil
.Oil filter
.Air filter clean
.Fluids top up
.Gearbox oil top up
.1 lta screen wash
.Oil drain plug seal
.Full under bonnet 
.Full under vehichle inspection (wheels off)

For more details and other prices please contact us on 0208 361 6041
Email: davesaab@virginmedia.com